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This discussion group is for mature, adult pagan or pagan-friendly LJ users.

Membership is moderated, but posts are not.

The 7 and 1/2 Commandments of MAP:

1. No kiddies.

As it is impossible for me to know your age for certain (thank gods for the internet...) I must insist that the *maturity* level of conversation be 21+. Persons under that age may certainly join, but this is NOT the place for teenyboppers and the like to seek out apprenticeship.

2. No fluffies or know-it-alls.

All persons calling themselves pagan, or otherwise open-minded persons are invited to join. However, please remember that Wicca is *not* the only form of paganism, and no matter who you think you are, you cannot possibly know all there is to know about life, mysticism, magic, cartoons, shoe styles, etc.

While we encourage the reading of all books, including such that of Grimassi and Ravenwolf, any poster who asserts something based on such an author's writings is just asking for deletion. Conversely, I don't care if your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother's cousin's next-door neighbor handed down your Craft through the generations, written in goats blood on the dried skins of your enemies.

3. The list owner, alone, reserves the right to delete any post deemed unfit.

No other person should say what is or is not appropriate. If anyone has a problem with a poster or posting, they should alert the moderator. Any person playing 'posting police' will be escorted to the virtual door.

4. What is considered appropriate: almost anything pagan related.

What is inappropriate: Nasty comments for no other reason than to be nasty. Passionate debate is encouraged, respectable arguments are certainly allowed, but no name-calling or flames in either direction. We've tried to evolve PAST witch-hunts, people.

5. Swearing or foul language is certainly acceptable, when necessary.

6. Rudeness for no apparent reason is *not* acceptable.

7. No advertisements for other groups without permission from the moderator.

7 1/2. No "I can't tell you, its oathbound" bullshit. If it's oathbound, then don't tell us. Don't lord it over our heads. If you're not open to discussion, why the hell are you joining a discussion group?

Rules may be ammended as necessary.